Best Places to Travel in 2017


An overlooked holiday destination of Europe, Switzerland is an insanely attractive holiday choice for 2017. The home of cheese and chocolate was recently deemed the ‘most beautiful country in the world’ and it’s easy to see why. In the cities, Switzerland excels in presenting its rich and diverse culture; Zurich offers an amazing restaurant scene where you can try everything from fondue to raclette (a Swiss dish of hot cheese over potatoes mixed with gherkins), while Bern allows you relax on a gondola down the Aare River.

However, nothing can compare to the natural wonders of Switzerland. From their stunning glaciers to some of the tallest peaks in Europe, the true beauty of Switzerland lies in its countryside. So whether you’re staying a cozy chalet in the Alps or a boutique hotel in the city, you are bound to fall in love with Switzerland.

Cape Town, South Africa 

From the jaw-dropping scenery of the Table Mountain to historic architecture jumbled with minimalist modern design, Cape Town is a must-see city break for 2017. In between the flora and fauna of South Africa’s ‘mother city’ there is a buzzing harbor where tourists can enjoy the striking street art and busy markets to buy local crafts, cuisines and more. At night the city erupts into major street parties where tourists and locals party ‘til dawn.

Myanmar (Burma)

Neighbouring popular holiday destination, Thailand, it’s hard to understand why the beautiful country of Myanmar has been ignored for so long.

Surrounded by shimmering cities of gilded temples and emerald landscapes mingled with bustling local markets and villages. Myanmar has just begun capturing the hearts of travellers doing the rounds of Southeast Asia. Now it’s time for holidaymakers to fall in love with this beautiful nation.

Visitors are encouraged to discover the golden beaches of Myanmar, or take a stroll through the Central Market and experience Myanmar’s diverse mix of people and their fresh but unusual produce on the many breakfast stalls.


From the island’s famous pink sand beaches to magnificent crystal caves, the nation of Bermuda is a treasure trove of natural wonders. Small, pastel-coloured cottages, lush greenery and plenty of sunshine all year cover the island, making it a delightful destination for any holidaymakers in 2017.

There is something for everyone in Bermuda; the island is a favourite of golf lovers, history buffs and adrenaline junkies.

For golfers, the island is filled with outstanding golf courses along with some excellent restaurants including the charming Waterlot Inn and Tom Moore’s Tavern.

For the history enthusiasts, Bermuda is a museum of colonial and maritime heritage. On any trip to Bermuda, a must is to visit the Royal Navy Dockyard and the old town of St George to experience the island’s quaint old cottages, historic houses and winding lanes.

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