Going on Holiday is Good for your Health

Taking a well-needed, feet up, lying around the pool all day, holiday or even just a weekend away, short city break is an ESSENTIAL every once in a while. It gives you the chance to chill out, rest your mind and re-charge your batteries for when you ‘get back to reality’.

But did you know getting away from it all could have benefits for your health? Now, before you rush off and book your holidays for 2017, why not check out some of the health benefits to lounging in the sun and drinking cocktails by the pool all day?


The variety of foods you eat abroad can be a healthy change for your body and provide you with the nourishing vitals that your body may be deprived of.

Going to hotter countries normally means that you are influenced to eat lighter meals including salads and fruits. You are also influenced to try different cuisines depending on where you go, for example: the ‘Mediterranean diet’ can be a huge benefit to your health and make you more inclined to eat your 5 a day.


An obvious one we know but going somewhere hot gives you a huge boost of vitamin D.

Research shows that Vitamin D levels are particularly low in the winter months when there is a lack of sunlight, often lowering your immune system and making you more susceptible to colds and flu. Evidence has also shown, that lack of vitamin D can bring on the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – a type of depression experienced throughout winter months. Therefore, going somewhere sunny can be the perfect cure for the winter blues. (But remember to wear sun cream, as holiday’s in the sun are not so good for you when you come back as red as a lobster!)


People exercise on holiday a lot more than they think and if you didn’t already know, not only is exercise good for your fitness but it also gives you energy and improves a healthy mentality.

Running around on the beach is proven to be even better for you than running on flat ground because you use more leg muscle trying to keep your balance. You also end up walking a lot more than you do because of the picture perfect weather and there are far more views that you’ve never seen before.


Sleep deprivation through stress or work can lead to poor mental performance, premature ageing and even illness! So the best time to catch up on some well-needed rest is on holiday where you leave the stress of work and worries of life back at home and get some good nights sleep.

Is it time to wash away the winter blues with a poolside holiday? Or maybe even last minute, weekend break? Wherever you fancy, our travel consultants can find AND tailor the perfect holidays for you! Book your holiday with one of our consultants today on 0800 530 0621

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