Holiday to Rhodes (Part 1): Thank Zeus for Travel Agents!

Welcome to my mini blog series about my holiday to Rhodes…

I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. But everyone knows that going on holiday to Greece isn’t THAT simple. You can either go to the mainland, which is the easy option, or you need to pick an island…

Ever since I was a kid I‘ve always been fascinated by the ancient world; especially when it came to mythological history.

From the age of seven I knew my Zeus’ from my Hades’, and I most certainly knew the difference between Athena and Aphrodite.

Recently, I’ve developed an obsession with Greek tragedies after studying them at university – who DOESN’T love the story of Oedipus?! If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest you DON’T Google it for your own sake; once something has been read, it can’t be unread!

So when it came to planning my holiday last summer, I was baffled. My boyfriend and I were in dispute; but there was one thing we both agreed on, that the destination should be Greece. He wanted to chill by the pool read his comic books. I, on the other hand, wanted ancient theatres, historical ruins and beautiful buildings – I would have climbed Mount Olympus if given the opportunity (in the metaphorical sense).

Online holiday searching just didn’t do the trick for us – I’d been on so many holidays before where the destination never met my expectations; so we decided to try a travel agent.

I’d always been a bit sceptical about using a high street travel agent as the prices and quality of trip planning tends to vary so wildly but when a family friend recommended using a travel agent from the Not Just Travel luxury travel agency after having a 5* experience with them, I thought “hey, what have I got to lose?” Plus, by this point the stress of booking this holiday was potentially costing me my relationship!

A quick phone call and an email clarification later, we had the burden of finding the perfect destination for our first couple’s holiday lifted from our shoulders. During our phone call, the travel consultant we contacted asked us a few questions about what we wanted from our trip and my boyfriend and I gave our opposing answers. Miraculously, they were able to offer some Greek island suggestions over the phone and Rhodes seemed to click.

Less than 24hrs later I received a tailor made travel plan in my inbox – and everything just seemed to come together. We’d found the perfect combination of culture for me and casual, poolside luxury for him!

Our travel agent had found us an all inclusive hotel with two swimming pools, fulfilling my desire of unlimited alcohol and food galore and my boyfriends need for nothing but relaxation. It was a 30 second walk from the beach and it EVEN had it’s own mini ‘Ancient Greek’ style theatre, so I was happy!

Rhodes Old Town was a 10-12 minute car journey away, meaning ancient ruins, culture and authentic Greek cuisine.

In my next blog in the mini ‘Holiday to Rhodes’ blog series, I’ll be talking more about Rhodes’ Old Town – so if you love a bit of history, WATCH THIS SPACE!

All I can say is that a Not Just Travel travel agent organised my boyfriend and I the holiday of a lifetime – I’m just GUTTED that I didn’t enter their MyNJTStory competition….



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There are two kinds of people; those who dream of travelling and those who go. I like to think I’m the ‘get up and go’ type…


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