How To Make The Most Out Of Your Business Trip

For those who are able to travel the world via business trips, it can be difficult to make the most of your destination when you’re stuck in meetings.

Here are our tips to ensure you can enjoy the beauty of the country’s culture as well as be a success in the boardroom:

Never Eat Alone.

While you’re away on business, never eat a meal alone! Take the time to eat and drink while networking with your colleagues, or just socialize with the locals.

Avoid Jet Lag with Three Simple Steps.

If you’re going on a long international trip, avoiding jet lag can be vital to the success of your business trip. Firstly, make sure you disinfect everything; entrepreneurs cannot get sick so remember to bring anti-bacterial wipes and hand gel. Then, remember to drink lots of water; not only will it clear your head but it will keep you refreshed. Finally, be sure to only sleep when you need to. You may be tempted to nap when you get into the hotel but you must stick to your time zone and only sleep at night.

Learn Any Important Cultural Norms.

Understanding the cultural norms of the country you’re visiting can remove the possibilities for boardroom blunders. For example, in Costa Rica most events and meetings will start 15 to 30 minutes after the scheduled time. The culture is extremely warm and friendly therefore conversation doesn’t usually go straight to business, meaning you can expect a few warm-up minutes of personal bonding conversation. But don’t try to rush this part, as it will be considered rude if you do.

Use travel agents to book exclusive accommodation, instead of hotel rooms.

A rental property will give you all the home comforts you will need, like more space and a kitchen, unlike a standard, tiny hotel room. By using travel consultants to book rental spaces can eliminate the stress of planning a business trip.

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