How To Survive Your First Skiing Holiday

Is it your first time hitting the slopes this winter? Well, here are our top tips to keep you safe on your first skiing experience this winter:

Bring your sun cream and sunnies!

Summer may be far behind us but don’t pack away the sun cream and sunglasses just yet! While you’re hurtling down the snowy slopes, wind blowing through your hair and ice spraying onto your snowsuit, you will need to apply lots of sun cream. It may be -1°C but the beautiful white slopes are constantly reflecting sunlight onto your skin so it’s important that you pack lots of sun cream when going on your skiing holiday.

Similarly, sunglasses can be a convenient alternative to wearing ski goggles, if you’re a first time skier. Unlike goggles, sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable which can come in handy when you’re traversing the mountains before a glass of champagne in the bar on top of the mountains.

Stay Hydrated!

As fun as skiing is, it is a sport, and skiers are notorious for becoming dehydrated on the slopes. It’s important to start the day with lots of water before you hit the slopes. You will begin to dehydrate just by breathing and sweating, which means replenishing your fluids with water- no matter how tempting a refreshing beer might be!

Tip: Carry around a rucksack with spare bottles of water to keep yourself hydrated while you ski.

Warms baths will be your saviour!

After a long day of skiing you will find yourself in need of a relaxing, warm bath to sooth those aching arm and leg muscles. And where better to relax than your own luxury chalet!                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Light the fire, pop open a bottle of champagne and soak in a nice hot bubble bath from the comfort of your own private chalet.

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