The Worst Way to Blow Your Budget on Holiday

When it comes to the best way to blow your budget on holiday, you certainly don’t need any help from us. You could pay for every extra you can find, dine out in style, or even stuff your suitcase with luxurious gifts for everyone back at home.

That’s what some of the best holidays are about – blowing your budget on an unforgettable experience you’ll be talking about for years to come.
Some experiences, though, are best forgotten. The worst way to blow your budget? On those holiday disasters you can’t ever predict.

Blow your budget before you even leave

Why wait until you arrive to start wasting money? In fact, why go on holiday at all?

Even with the best-laid plans, there are dozens of things that can go wrong before you even set off for the airport. Everything from illness to family emergencies could leave you with no choice but to cancel – and that’s a sure-fire way to waste money.

Most holiday companies’ terms and conditions come with strict rules about when and how you’re allowed to cancel your trip. In the best case, you could be left paying a hefty cancellation fee. In the worst case, you could find yourself paying the full cost of a holiday you can’t go on.

What’s more, travel companies themselves could be unable to provide the holiday you’ve paid for. If the company goes bust, getting any money back could be a long, drawn-out process.

Get ill or injured while you’re away

Arriving at your holiday destination can feel like you’re a world away from your home life. But that doesn’t mean all the frustrations, practicalities and problems of the real-world just disappear.

We’ve heard hundreds of stories of people whose holidays were interrupted by a painful – and costly – dose of reality. From medical costs to hospital transfers, there’s little more expensive than international healthcare.

In fact, a member of our team was involved in a car crash that wasn’t her fault while on holiday in Alaska. Suddenly, she found herself in the hospital with mounting fees that eventually exceeded $300,000. It was a truly awful way to blow her budget – and then some.

Throw your money away overseas

Finally, you can always blow your budget in smaller amounts. All it takes is a few lost items of luggage, a stolen wallet, or a tablet that you’re sure you left in the hotel room.

We’re all ever-so-slightly addicted to our technology and, as a result, taking more of our expensive gadget and gizmos overseas with us. But unless your holiday budget has allowed for replacing everything you own, that will always come with a risk.

How to protect your holiday budget

If you’re looking for unexpected costs, a holiday is a perfect way to find them.

But if you’re looking for a smarter way to plan for the unexpected and protect your money, we’d recommend some decent travel insurance.

At Not Just Travel, we’ll make life easier with your holiday and your travel insurance, all in one place. As a one-stop-shop, we’ll give you great value deals on travel insurance that gives you peace of mind before you leave, while you’re away, and even for 24 hours after you return.

Travel insurance means you can blow your budget where and how you want to. Wherever you’re headed, travel insurance could be the most important thing you pack.