How to Travel in Pure Luxury

Great news – we have a whole suitcase full of made-up money that we can spend on just about any holiday we want.

We’ve already chosen a destination – and decided whether we want to bring the family along or not – but now it’s time for all the little details that make a trip unforgettable and effortlessly luxurious.

Across flights, hotels, and service, here’s how we’d turn some extra money into the most sophisticated break of all time.

Forget first class – fly in a suite

The ultimate in privacy and luxury, Suites Class on Singapore Airlines is exactly what it sounds like – a spacious suite that’s stylish enough that you’ll forget you’re in the air.

Designed by yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste, each suite includes a large table and 35 inch leather armchair by day and, after a member of the crew carries out turndown, transforms into a bedroom. If you book two adjacent cabins, you can even remove the partition wall and sleep in a decadent double bed.

If you happen to be on an Airbus A380-800, it’s the only way to travel.

Hop onto a private jet

In a world where there seems to be an Uber for everything, private jet sharing means you can fly like the super-rich for less than the price of a Singapore Airlines suite.

Services like JetSmarter bring members together through a simple smartphone app, where you can create a flight or find a seat on a flight created by someone else. According to The Independent, you can fly on a six-seater plane between London and Paris for just £500, or become an annual member for unlimited flights while there are seats available.

Any room, as long as it’s five stars

If we had to decide how to get the most luxurious hotel experience for our money, we’d undoubtedly go for a five-star option – even if we could only stretch to the smallest room.

After all, what is it that truly makes an experience luxurious, special and unforgettable? For us, it’s service.

Five-star hotels deliver a personal, attentive level of service where you’ll always feel like someone is on-hand to take care of you. Whether you’re asking the concierge for dinner reservations or making a special request of the chef, the best hotels pride themselves on making everything possible – and everything simple.

If you’re looking for a decadent experience, nothing compares to a five-star hotel. Even the top suite in a four-star hotel simply can’t compare.

Butler service on holiday

Get a professional butler at your resort

Similarly, holiday resorts are beginning to offer the personal service you’d expect from a five-star hotel.

In Sandal’s top-tier holiday categories, you’ll get a resort Butler Service – a fully-trained butler from the Guild of Professional English Butlers, there to make your entire stay simple and seamless.

Your butler will do almost everything you’d expect to do yourself, including:

  • Unpacking your luggage
  • Serving you drinks at the beach or the pool
  • Handling check-in and dinner reservations
  • Expediting your room service orders

It’s true luxury – everything taken care of in style, while you just lay back and relax.

Before you leave, let us act as concierges for your holiday.
Talk to our travel consultants for a personal level of service and a dream holiday designed around you.