A Converted Sceptic’s View Of Lanzarote

Let’s admit it:

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘Lanzarote’?

Lanza-grotty! Are you with me? Well, that was my perception.

A barren volcanic island with plenty of ugly concrete buildings flung up and tacky strips of bars and shops. I know I’m coming across as a terrible snob but I’m being honest!

So why were so many people telling me to go to Lanzarote on holiday?

Eventually I succumbed and agreed with my wife that we should head there for our summer holidays. I remember a slight sense of trepidation sitting at the departure gate. What the hell I had let myself in for?

We were staying at the Dream Gran Castillo Resort on Playa Blanca (4.5 out of 5 on Trip advisor – my wife always does her homework). Once landed after a 4-hour flight with 3 kids, I was just hoping there would be a swimming pool to lie next to while they could go crazy and leave me alone!

I must admit, we were off the plane and out before I knew it – a refreshing change!

Playa Blanca lies on the south coast of the island, while the airport is on the east side. My first look of Lanzarote was a half-hour journey through the heart of the island.

There is definitely a natural beauty to the island’s, I found myself enjoying the somewhat basic nature of it. As we pulled up to our accommodation, I found myself in full ‘adventure mode’.

Fast forward the boring check in, go to room, change blah blah blah, we decided that as we had been sat down pretty much all day, we should venture outside to see what we were in for.

Our first steps onto the promenade along the cliffs to the marina led to a spectacular view of Fuerteventura and some of the clearest turquoise seas I have ever seen in my life!

Finally, we arrived at the Marina Rubicon and settled down for a well-deserved ice cream for the kids (and strong drink for us parents). The marina featured designer shops and boutiques dotted around – obviously, we couldn’t go past without peeking at the yachts for sale for our dreams sake!

I fell asleep that night buzzing with excitement but also feeling a little ashamed of myself for shunning this island for so long. If you want more details on holidays in Lanzarote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our personal travel consultants!


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Family man and successful businessman, if there’s one thing I love more than spending time with my family, it’s going on holiday with them! As a proud father of three girls, I’d like to show them as much as the world as I can!


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