Why Millennials Need a Travel Consultant Too

Millennials, it’s okay to be demanding. The science is on your side.

According to just about everywhere on the internet, anyone between 35 and 50 at the time of writing is relentlessly demanding about every area of their lives. And travel is no different.

While millennials are the fastest growing segment of the travel industry, you come with unique requirements. You want to be involved in planning your holiday, not just picking one from a list. You want an unusual destination, not a hotspot resort. And you want the fastest, most flexible customer service – as well as the best possible value.

Well, you’re in the right place. We can help with just about all of it.

Consider the whole spectrum of options

Our travel consultants spend time getting a feel for your personal tastes and desires. They also know the holiday business inside out – as well as the destinations you might never think of.

That means we’ll be able to give you a wide range of options, not just one or two. There are so many fascinating destinations to see around the world and, if you’re feeling open-minded, we’d love to introduce you to them all.

It’s absolutely fine to go with something mainstream and familiar – after all, they’re popular for a reason – but it’s a good idea to really tap into your consultant’s knowledge to find holidays that are tailored to you.

Take care of all the boring stuff

Depending on how adventurous you feel, there’s a lot of boring stuff like safety and insurance to take care of. Mountaineering in the Alps has obvious risks that can be easily mitigated, but even a pool-lounging holiday has its own pitfalls.

From insurance for your possessions and health cover, to crucial local information about where is safe and where you should avoid, we can give you the insider advantage on just about any destination in the world. So you know everything you need to before you travel – and don’t have to spend hours trying to find the information for yourself.

Make sure you get excellent value

Millennials are no fools when it comes to holiday-making and are, perhaps, the most savvy their age bracket has ever been. You’re absolutely right to be searching for excellent value in every detail, and suspicious of hidden costs and confusing small print.

At Not Just Travel, we’ve become one of the most trusted names in holidays. We don’t believe in hidden charges or extra fees – we’ve built our business on the idea that nothing is more important than giving you the perfect trip. And with our massive buying power, we can usually secure better value for money.

Spend your time on holiday, not booking a holiday

All the studies show that millennials don’t just want quality. They want speed at the same time. If you care about getting every detail arranged quickly and efficiently, we can help.

Whether you’re booking well in advance or hoping to take advantage of last-minute deals or free time, we’ll get it done before you can spell millennial. We know where to look, how to track the right deal down, and how to bring you into the process for quick answers if there’s anything you’re unsure about.

See how quick and easy arranging your next break could be.

Contact us now to get started.