Creative Ways to Save Money for Your Next Holiday

Whether it’s a sun-drenched family trip or a romantic getaway for two, the right holiday is something we all look forward to for months on end. It’s an experience that makes our day-to-day hard work worthwhile. But not if you pack your home-life worries and take them with you.

Getting away from it all means being sure you can afford the holiday you want. So it’s no surprise most of us start saving a long, long time before we depart.

If you’re planning your next trip, here are a few creative tips on saving towards your holiday.

Start with a flight of fancy

Forget about what’s in the bank today. Don’t worry about how long it might take you to save. The best place to start is always with an open mind – what does your dream holiday look like? That’s the question that should come before cost.

As you explore your options, don’t be afraid to make a note of the prices you can expect to pay. Getting your savings off to the best start means giving yourself a real, defined target – an exact figure you need to get the holiday you want.

Everyone from athletes to champion chess players visualise their goals. For your holiday, that could be as little as hanging a few photos of your dream trip above your desk or changing your smartphone background.

Pretend you’ve spent all your spare money on your holiday

The numbers in our bank accounts have a tendency to feel fluid – beyond your essential bills, it’s all there to be spent.

One effective mental exercise to help you save is pretending you’ve spent all your money on your holiday already. If you keep a budget, add whatever is left ‘free’ for the month to your holiday fund.

Of course, from nights out to unexpected bills, most of us can’t save at that rate. But when you decide to get that takeaway or buy that new outfit, you’ll always feel like you’re taking away from your holiday – not just making a different choice.

Get smart about saving

All the expensive gadgets and gizmos we carry around don’t just take away from our savings. They can be a great tool in saving more money towards your break.

Budgeting apps like You Need a Budget let you see what you’re spending and where you’re spending it. Idealo gives you instant price comparisons so you can avoid unnecessary waste. Music Magpie is a handy way to sell phones, books, laptops and more, giving you a little extra income.

And, of course, the conventional banking apps are incredibly helpful. Use them to automatically transfer money to your savings account when you are paid or use alerts to keep a closer eye on what you’re spending.


Have you been saving for your holiday?

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