New Year’s Resolution: Travel More!

Tired of the typical New Year’s resolutions? Like losing weight and inevitably failing in the first week when you’re handed chocolate or learning a new instrument and throwing it to the ground in frustration after one note. Why not take on something fun, challenging and enjoyable? Something like… travelling!

Before you start thinking about lounging in the sunshine, swimming in sparkling ocean waters, try new delicacies and meeting new people, it may be worth thinking about the holiday hassles. Just don’t let that get in the way of you and your dream destination!

We’re here to tell you that you can do it and give you a little bit of guidance before you start:

Choose Your Destination

With so many choices, choosing a destination can actually be one of the most difficult parts of preparing a trip. It all depends on what you plan on doing with your travels; do you want a luxury holiday in the Maldives, quick break in a picturesque city or an adrenaline filled winter holiday? Once you have one in mind everything else seems to fall into place nicely.

Do Your Research

Research a little about your country before jumping in the deep end and finding yourself trying to understand a random person in street giving you directions in what sounds like gibberish. It could be a great help trying to learn a bit of their language and lifestyle before but most importantly the tourist attractions around your area. When you’re out on your travels, you don’t want to miss out on anything!

Set yourself A Realistic Budget

You might be required to do some research and calculations in this part but don’t let that stop you in your tracks! Spend some time looking up flight costs, accommodation, food and any activities you fancy doing. This will help you settle on the budget you have and how much you want to spend!

Book A Date

Once you have where you will stay, you can start thinking about when you want to go. For travellers on a budget, we suggest booking your trips out of peaks times i.e. the summer holidays, to not be caught in the summer price hike. However, don’t be fooled by amazingly, almost unbelievably cheap prices. We suggest checking the best time of year to go to your chosen destination to avoid paying for holiday in the bad weather conditions. There’s no point in £698 to go to the Maldives for a week when all you do is sit inside your luxury hut all day, all because of the rain.

As soon as you book the date, you can then start calling work and letting them know you’ll be taking time off, tell all your friends and family, let all your social media following- even tell your aunt’s dog! Making your goals public will be an extra push to do them and make you more excited and motivated.

Travel Light

Packing can be very stressful but thinking ahead will come in handy when you’re traveling on the plane and through the busy airport. Just try to pack your essentials; missing out the 65,000 pairs of shoes you’d normally consider taking! A couple of tops, and trousers as well as enough underwear to get you through the trip- remember everything can be washed!

Note it All Down

Before you leave for your adventure, buy yourself a notebook and pen and make sure you write everything down! Keeping a journal or diary of what your doing everyday means you’ll never forget what you done out there and what food you tired and people you met. In future it will also make a great book to read to yourself and later generations of your family.

There’s no better time than the New Year to book a holiday, and there’s no greater feeling than achieving one of your New Year’s resolution so talk to one of our travel consultants who can help create the perfect holiday for you.

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