Not Just Travel- When Is The Best Time To Book A Family Holiday?

As we draw closer and closer to the New Year, it’s about the time we all start browsing through the travel mags searching for where to go next in 2017 and to book a family holiday. It can be a difficult choice with so much variety out there; a luxury villa in Greece for the Summer, skiing in France or even, a awe-inspiring safari in Kenya- whatever you choose, the next question is always when to book?

Those who like to meticulously plan out their summer holidays will be best booking their next break early. The benefits of booking early are:

  • Get first pick of resorts- Booking your holiday months or even a year in advance will give you more choice of destinations, accommodations and flights. Plus you can take advantage of any early booking discounts and deals such as free or reduced child places and meal deals before everyone else does.
  • Flight prices tend to go up, not down- Nearer the summer months flight prices often go sky high due to the demand in flights over the school holidays. Beat the school holiday price hike by booking your flights early on.
  • Pay lower deposit- Booking earlier often comes with a lower deposit and also longer to pay off your holiday, meaning you don’t have to stress about the money side of things.
  • Time to plan- Allow yourself the time to organise the holiday itinerary and relieve yourself of the stress of late minute bookings by doing your research and booking your holiday months in advance.

However, for those who wish to lead the spontaneous life, maybe booking your holiday last minute is something that would give you that ‘buzz.’


  • Massive deals- One of the biggest advantages of booking a last minute holiday is the brilliant discounts and deals. Resorts and flights offering spare accommodation and flights they haven’t be able to sell will offer them at extremely low prices to get rid.
  • The sense of adventure- Booking a holiday that is only weeks away will give you a sense of excitement as you countdown the days until the trip.
  • No Emergencies- When booking for weeks in advance you don’t have to worry about anyone getting sick or breaking his or her arm before you go on the trip, which on an early-booked holiday may mean you having to rethink your plan.

Whenever you book your holiday, at Not Just Travel you are guaranteed excellent service from our travel consultants who aim to provide our customers with fantastic holidays whatever the price! To book your holiday with one of our fabulous travel consultants, call 0800 530 0621.

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