Travelling with Children: Cuba

Travelling with children is automatically condemned as a chore. But is it actually as traumatic as many people anticipate?

“Why on earth are you taking a 3 and 4 year old to Cuba – that’s an 8 hour flight at least!”

This was the general reaction when my wife and I excitedly told family members we had booked a trip to take our children on holiday to the former communist island.

travelling with children

While we were dreaming of the premise of our first Caribbean holiday together, this had completely slipped our mind. As most parents will know, preparation is key when it comes to travelling with children! Hence, when we looked at what we could do with the children, we have mapped out plenty of excursions to ensure they would not be bored.

So what is there to do when you’re travelling with children in a country that, until the 1990’s, shunned tourists and were one of the most insular states on the planet?

Quite a lot, actually! For us, the top 3 trips for children in Cuba were:

1: A Dolphin Excursion

We spent the morning horse riding before catching a boat over to the dolphin facility to swim with the dolphins.

Never mind the kids – I loved this trip! Dolphins are magical creatures to interact with, whether you’re a toddler or a fully-grown adult!

Even our “scaredy-cat” older daughter stroked, tickled and kissed these magnificent mammals! In fact, our younger daughter still refers to each and every dolphin on the planet as “Bonky”, as that’s the name she decided to give the dolphin she swam with.

Regardless, whether you’re travelling with children or not, swimming with the dolphins is a truly unforgettable experience!


2: A trip on a Steam Train

After being picked up in a retro American 1950’s car, the sort of thing that wouldn’t look out of place in the movie Grease, we were chauffeur driven to our train embarkation point.

The live Cuban music on the train became interactive when our two children got their hands on the maracas. There’s never a boring moment when you’re traveling with children!

The girls were stunned at the breath-taking scenery that Cuba had to offer. Our guide looked after them fantastically throughout the day, making sure they were always entertained.

A ride on the steam train was definitely one of my top trips for children in Cuba!


3: A Catamaran trip to Cayo Saetia Island

This has to be one of my top trips for children in Cuba! From the moment we got aboard the Catamaran, the children loved the experience – they loved watching the catamaran cascade through the water and laughed as the sea splashed them.

When we arrived at Cayo Saetia, the island’s beautiful white beaches blew them away (not literally)!

The island was originally built for the Cuba politburo members to holiday on and Castro imported all sorts of animals to make it into a safari park! We saw an ostrich, countless antelope and, to top it all off, a giraffe; all from the back of our chauffeur driven Wrangler!

A chance to snorkel around the crystal blue waters topped off yet another day in the Cuban paradise!


So when it comes to travelling with children, was the 8-hour flight worth it? Absolutely!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Not Just Travel for making this trip possible and for recommending the top trips for children in Cuba! Our travel agent ensured that travelling with children was an enjoyable experience for everyone in our family.

So if you’re debating whether to go travelling with children, or just fancy going on holiday to Cuba in general, get in contact with Not Just Travel today!


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