World Mental Health Day.

Modern day life is extremely busy and it can be tremendously difficult to take a break, by this we don’t mean grabbing five minutes to yourself to sit down and drink a cup of tea. We are talking about a break from responsibility of the workplace and home; the type of everyday pressures we deal with that can grind you down.

Your body and mind not only needs but deserves relaxation and numerous studies have found that travel can in fact improve your over all health, both physical and mental with statistics showing that 86% of individuals who travel are more satisfied with a better outlook on life in comparison to the 75% who do not.

A study conducted in Surrey found that just knowing you are due to go travelling gives you one of the best mental highs. So even the act of planning to go away can significantly boost your wellbeing.  

When you are truly away, taking annual leave to travel rather than staying in the country, your mind feels it can enjoy it’s downtime in a guilt free manner and you are more likely to allow yourself to relax. The benefits of travelling have, in some studies, shown the value is still tangible months after the event with lower recorded stress levels and better sleeping patterns.

As if the above wasn’t good enough here are some statistics to back up the evidence, all of which are due to participants travelling:

  • The blood pressure of a holiday maker drops by an average of 6%
  • Sleep quality of travellers improves by 17%
  • Stress levels of those away from home and work drops by a median of 29%
  • Travellers experience a significant reduction in blood glucose levels which in turn reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • People who travel regularly have developed 50% more antibodies to the flu than those who do not travel.
  • Traveling to warm climates increases your intake of vitamin D, essential for the health of your bones.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you are worried about your stress or anxiety levels we would urge you to seek medical advice at the earliest opportunity.

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