Five Unforgettable Short Beach Breaks

Forget far-flung countries and setting entire days aside for travel. You just don’t have to spend ages travelling – or spend a lot of money – to find yourself a beautiful beach.

In fact, we love short beach breaks because they feel like you’re actually spending most of your time on the sand, not on your way to the sand.

So whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or a brief escape from day-to-day life, here are just five of our favourite short beach breaks.

Dorset, England

The Dorset landscape is treasured by locals and visitors alike, but with so much coastline it can be hard to know where to begin.

A National Trust site, Studland Beach in Purbeck gives you four miles of golden sand to enjoy, as well as spectacular views of the sea and the Isle of Wight. Surrounded by sand dunes, beautiful heathlands and woodlands, it combines seaside activities like paddling and snorkelling with plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Meanwhile, Alum Chine is an award-winning, clean, and effortlessly relaxing beach on the edge of Bournemouth. Ideal for families, it includes things like a pirate-themed adventure playground, baby changing facilities, RNLI lifeguards and welcoming places to eat both on the beach and in town.

Marseille, Southern France

With 57km of stunning coastline and around 300 days of sunshine per year, Marseille is a great choice for a short beach break with a good chance of catching a tan.

Marseille has numerous rock, sand and shingle beaches to choose from, each with their own character – but all offering incredible views.

For families, Point Rouge is the largest sandy beach and is packed with restaurants and play areas to keep you entertained once the sandcastle has collapsed.

Meanwhile, the Prado Seaside Park offers 26 hectares of greenery and a 2km stretch of beach, with ample public facilities and attractions so everything you need is close-at-hand – and you never have a reason to leave.

Finally, for something more romantic, small beaches like the Prophète and Catalans are ideal for a more intimate experience.

Puglia, Italy

Located right in the heel of the ‘boot’ of southeast Italy, the region of Puglia is home to 860km of sunny Mediterranean coastline, with beaches and coves surrounded by picturesque seaside towns.

You’ll find pristine beaches and clear waters at every turn, as well as natural

In particular, we’d recommend Polignano a Mare – a truly magical, historic cliffside town known as ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic.’ We defy anyone to not fall in love with its golden bays and exceptional surroundings.

And, best of all, Puglia goes beyond the beach to offer a thriving nightlife and gorgeous restaurants – there’s plenty to do all day and night.

Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pembrokeshire is a favourite for families, outdoor adventurers, and anybody looking to relax while gazing out on the breathtaking Welsh coastline.

The area is home to many fantastic beaches, from popular surf locations to calmer waters for a quiet paddle.

If you’re looking for a pure beach experience, Barafundle Bay is one of the very best picks. This sandy little bay has often been voted one of the best beaches – not just in Britain, but in the world. A truly idyllic escape that can only be reached by foot, Barafundle has an immaculate golden beach with beautiful clear waters.

Guernsey, Channel Islands

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands, but it is still only about 12 miles long at its widest point. And, despite its small size, a total of 27 beaches decorate its coastline.

You’ll find white sandy beaches on the north and west coasts, including Vazon Bay, a recent winner of a Britain’s Cleanest Beach award. Meanwhile, some of our east coast favourites include Fermain Bay, a secluded, peaceful, pebble beach, while the more sheltered south coast is home to Moulin Huet, which is beautiful enough to have been immortalised in the art of Pierre-Auguste Renoir.