Top 6 reasons to book a staycation

Some people are itching to get back to travelling the world, but some of us are wary of jumping straight back into it all. This is where staycations come in! The perfect way to enjoy holiday time with your loved ones, without the stress of travelling to different countries.


1.No travelling through the airport

Thermal imaging, additional health screening, social distancing and more can be a daunting experience, especially for those who are already wary of travelling. Book a staycation in the UK and those worries are long gone. You can make your own way there, adhering to the UK guidelines in place by the government, and take out the stress of having to travel through an airport.



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2.Drive yourself

In most, if not all cases, your chosen staycation can be reached by car, meaning you can rock out to your road trip play list and enjoy the ride. This eliminates the need for public transport, which can be a daunting place factoring in new regulations that must be adhered to when travelling on the likes of buses and trains. Plan your route in advance, grab the snack essentials and pass glorious scenery as your holiday truly begins.



Family driving

3.Take your own cleaning products

Cleaning takes place whether you are staying in a lodge, cottage, holiday park etc, but you are still able to take your own cleaning products with you to ensure that extra peace of mind. Bear in mind, that guidelines may mean that cleaning can not take place as frequently, or if you are in the accommodation, so being able to have a run over with your cleaning products will settle any doubt you may have. Although we aren’t used to cleaning on our holidays, this may help settle your mind.


4.Own private space

Private cottages or lodges allow you to stay and enjoy your own private space. Think of it as a holiday home away from home! You can choose to shut out the world and enjoy the peace of spending time alone or with a loved one, or to get out and explore the new local area. Do some research ahead of your trip and find any places of interest that you could factor in.

Come hunting for Nessie; stay for the experience

5.Enhanced measures

As we navigate our new normal, enhanced measures are set in place even for UK breaks. The likes of Haven have introduced ‘Haven Hideaway’ a new way to holiday in 2020. It will provide all the fun of the great outdoors but to comply with government rules it is without access to usual activities such as restaurants, pools or entertainment. You will still be able to grab essentials from the on-park supermarket, as well as access to the launderette and take away food options. Social distancing will be in place, meaning you’ll have peace of mind when exploring outside.

6. Sustainability

There are lots of different ways to practice responsible tourism and travel in a more sustainable way, a topic that affects travellers more with every passing day.

Holidaying domestically is one of the ways you can contribute towards this as a decent chunk of carbon emissions associated with travel come from planes.

Another benefit of the staycation is that you get to support the local economy, something that is even more important after the losses sustained in recent months. When we are able to travel again, international tourism may well not flood back quickly due to international travel restrictions, less disposable income and people still feeling the risk factor, so it will be up to the domestic market to help support this where possible.





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