The Travel Podcast Episode #43: Japan

Podcast: Japan 

A destination previously seen as just for adventure, Japan has spent a long time preserving its incredible culture and traditions, now offering up an array of different holiday types to embark on. From its history, shrines and temples to amazing art and unique wildlife, there's something for every taste. 

Matthew from The Travel Podcast is joined by Matt who gives us a glimpse into what a trip to Japan should entail, from key attractions to the types of accommodation you can find. Pretty much everywhere in Japan is easily accessible, and every town is known for a certain thing so there's a reason to visit as many places as you can! 

  • Cherry Blossom season
  • Is Japan expensive?
  • How long should you go for?


Your hosts

Matthew Butler

Juliet Heather


Special guest

Matt Spiller | Inside Japan Tours


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UK Tourist Board

Hot springs

World Heritage sites 

Cherry Blossoms



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