Why Turkey’s Making a Comeback in 2018

When it comes to diversity of landscapes, a lively culture and breadth of choice, Turkey’s a single country that has more to offer than most continents. It’s everything from stunningly beautiful coastlines on the Black Sea to an unforgettable night out next to the Mediterranean.

That’s why we’re not surprised that Turkey’s poised to make its comeback after a few years faced with a difficult political climate. Now, the experts predict a huge surge in tourism for the remainder of 2018 as travellers discover the variety of experiences, geography, history, entertainment and cuisine that the country has to offer for a surprisingly low cost.

There’s no one reason that Turkey’s making a return to its former glory. There are ten!

1. It’s a country with an incredible history

Turkey has 10,000 years of civilisation behind it, including the iconic Roman and Ottoman empires – fascinating to explore in person.

2. There’s a place for every kind of holiday

The country encompasses mountains and countryside, fantastically beautiful beaches, impressive rivers and lakes, cities, forests, deserts and wide-open plains. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Turkey.

3. It’s bathed in Mediterranean sunshine

Spring, summer and autumn weather in Turkey is pleasantly mild, sunny, and clear – with plenty of those ultra-hot days in the summer!

4. It’s home to a fascinating range of cultures

Turkey is the place where the East meets the West. As you explore, you’ll encounter multicultural influences from around the world, all in one place.

5. You can have a unique shopping experience

Turkey is a wonderful place to pick up traditional and handcrafted artisan objects. Think ceramics with dazzling geometric patterns, fine embroidery, carpets, and dolls.

6. Turkish cuisine is famous for a reason

The food on offer in Turkey ranges from spicy dishes to rustic seafood, vegetarian meals and soups. It’s also worth sampling authentic Turkish kebabs, Turkish tea and Raki, the country’s favourite aniseed, spirit-based drink.

7. You’ll find every kind of entertainment

Film fans and theatre-goers will find plenty on offer. A visit to the Opera House in Istanbul or to one of the many ballet performances makes for a special night out. There’s also a great musical scene with performances for every taste, from traditional Turkish folk to modern pop.

8. It’s packed full of wildlife and incredible vistas

The vast range of landscapes all provide views of unrivalled beauty. Turkey’s also home to many wildlife species, making a day out in its countryside all the more special.

9. It’s an incredible experience, all year round

Turkey’s not just for the sun-seekers – it’s a surprisingly good winter destination too. Excellent skiing and snowboarding resorts provide great fun and excitement – so there’s no need to settle for just one Turkey trip a year.

10. Turkey holidays are excellent value for money

Best of all, as Turkey begins to make its meteoric comeback, you can still book your Turkey trip for a surprisingly low price. With so many destinations to choose from across the country, there’s something for every taste – and every budget.